What size vest should I order?

Our 'S-XL' vest best fits those with a navel measurement (at belly button) under 44".

Our '2XL & Up' vest best fits those with a navel measurement (at belly button) of 44" or greater.

You should also consider what layers you might be wearing underneath the vest in the field.

The larger '2XL & Up' version has 6" of extra MOLLE panel length on each hip, so a total of 12" added around your hips. Navel measurement (at belly button) should usually be about 44"+ to wear the larger vest. Some at a 43" may prefer it too if wearing layers underneath while hunting. With the longer hip panels, your attachments can be further toward your front, and the shoulder strap attachment point can also move further forward.

The larger vest version also has 2" of extra height in the back/shoulder straps. 

The Over/Under Vest has the most adjustability of any on the market, allowing a truly custom fit for any body type. The waist belt can be moved higher or lower. The shoulder straps have a movable attachment point (front to back) to the lower portion of the vest. No other vest has ever figured this out, we even have patent pending on it. Also, the chest straps can be moved up or down (one or both can also be removed to suit your preference). There is also rear built-in stretch gusset that allows the vest to twist and turn with you, not against you. You can really dial it in to custom fit any body type. Think of it like the high-end hiking packs. It fits similar to a backpack, but yet it carries the weight on your hips and close to your center of gravity.


Will the Over/Under Vest fit women?

Absolutely, yes!  Our vest is one of the few that was designed with women in mind too, and we have received excellent feedback from women on the design of our vest.

This vest has the most adjustability of any on the market, allowing a truly custom fit for any body type. The waist belt can be moved higher or lower. The shoulder straps have a movable attachment point to the lower portion of the vest. And the chest straps can be moved up or down (one or both can also be removed to suit your preference). You can really dial it in to custom fit any body type.


Do your products use magnets? 

Our Over/Under Vest itself does not contain any magnets. Some of our attachments and pouches do use magnets.



Do magnetic pocket closures affect ammo/shells?

Not at all.  If they did, you wouldn’t see so many magnetic gun mounts on the market. Magnets can stick to the base of a shell case and they have no effect on the shell or its shot pattern. You’re good to go. By the way, you will really love the quick access and automatic closure of the magnetic pouch flaps!  


Do magnetic pocket closures affect GPS units and other electronics?

This is not an easy answer as there are so many different types out there. Most modern designs are not affected by magnets, but it's always a good idea to check with the manufacturer of your electronics before trying it. If you're worried about it, don't place your electronics in the ammo pouches or near magnets. Our Waterproof Electronics Pouch does not contain any magnets at all.


How do pouches & accessories attach to the vest?

We’ve implemented precision laser cut panels with MOLLE/PALS spacing. You can attach virtually any MOLLE or PALS accessory to the vest. These types of systems have been tested and proven by our most elite military units in the world’s most rugged terrain.

Attachment straps must be weaved through the vest and back through the attachment. When attached properly, the attachments will still be secured to the vest even if a snap would come undone in the field. This is how we achieve so much modularity while still keeping items very secure.

Will other MOLLE and PALS attachments work with the Over/Under Vest system?

Yes! We use standard MOLLE/PALS spacing. You can attach virtually any MOLLE/PALS accessory to the vest. Please share the creative ways you utilize the vest and attachment system; we would love to see them!


What does MOLLE stand for?

Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. The terms MOLLE and PALS are often used interchangeably, but technically, MOLLE is a type of modular gear that attaches to PALS webbing or laser cut panels.

What does PALS stand for?

Pouch Attachment Ladder System.  The terms MOLLE and PALS are often used interchangeably, but technically PALS is the layout of webbing or laser cut panels that will accept MOLLE attachments.


How many square inches of blaze orange are on the vest?

Our Blaze & Olive and Blaze & Coyote vests in size 'S-XL' have roughly 225 square inches of orange, give or take. A bit more if you add attachments that have orange on them. Plus a bit more on the larger '2XL & Up' size.
Our Full Blaze vest has roughly 350 square inches of orange, give or take. Plus a bit more on the larger '2XL & Up' size.
To achieve the most square inches, you'd likely want the Full Blaze vest as well as an orange shirt underneath.
Always check your state's guidelines for minimum orange requirements.


Will the vest work for left-handed people?

Yes, for sure! The mesh pocket is sewn into the left shoulder strap, and it is designed to lay nice and flat when empty so it doesn't interfere with your gun mount at all. If you want to carry a remote or phone on your right shoulder/chest strap, you can attach our Waterproof Electronics Pouch there, and you can place a remote either inside the pouch or on the front of it in the mesh pocket. That's a cool feature that right-handed shooters actually don't get to utilize.
We have many left-handed shooters using the vest without complaint - we specifically designed it to be ambidextrous.


Where can I see a vest system in person?

Thunderbird Game Farm in Chilton, WI is now stocking vests. You can try vests on and purchase them right from Todd and Judy at Thunderbird. Book a hunt or a round of clays as long as you're going! (Click here to visit ThunderbirdGameFarm.com)

Otherwise, we only sell online and at trade shows or expos.  Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to stay up to date on our show announcements.  We may set up a few dealers in the future. You can also stay up to date by opting in to our email and SMS lists.

We do not have any set warehouse hours. It's just too much for me right now during our bootstrapping startup phase to try and schedule meeting times with so many people. Someday we'll have a better store/warehouse setup with regular hours!
I do offer a money-back guarantee though on products in new condition. So you can order a vest and if you don't love it, just send it back to me. At that point your only risk is shipping costs.
We really appreciate your understanding with this!

How does Chief Upland give back?

Whether you hunt pheasant, grouse, woodcock, quail, chukar, dove, ptarmigan, prairie chicken, snipe…we support YOU. We support your dogs. We support the land you hunt on. We respect the wild game you hunt. We give back throughout each year to various organizations supporting these same passions. When it comes to the beautiful lands we enjoy, people like you and I need to give back more than we take – so we can improve it for generations to come. As Chief Upland grows, we are looking for additional ways to support the upland community and the outdoors in general. If you have an opportunity for us to contribute, please reach out and let us know. 

What is your Shipping & Return Policy?

We ship all in-stock items from our Wisconsin warehouse very quickly, often same day if you order early enough.  Our shipments reach the majority of the United States in just 2-3 days with regular shipping. You will also receive shipment tracking info when your order ships.

For returns, please see our Warranty & Repair Policy by clicking here


Do you ship to countries outside the United States?

Yes! You can order directly from our website for shipments to Canada and a few additional countries.  If you're unable to select your country in our checkout, please email us at orders@chiefupland.com with the items you want to order and your detailed shipping address. We will respond with a quote for international shipping.

For international shipments - any potential customs fees, duties and/or taxes are NOT included. Customer is responsible for paying these as necessary depending on the carrier and destination.

What’s the best way to get an order expedited for a gift, trip, or special event?

We’d love to help! Please email us at orders@chiefupland.com (we watch this email very closely) and let us know what, when and where. Please include your phone number in case we need to call or text you. We will do everything we can to meet your request.


Do you offer discounts for military, law enforcement and first responders?

We have very close family and friends in all these fields and have the highest respect and gratefulness for what you do. We will be putting together a program for you soon. It is an honor to support you.

Do you offer a guide and outfitter program?

We respect what our guides and outfitters contribute to the upland community. Whether it’s hunting, conservation, involving our youth…we’re thankful for you. We’re working toward an elite affiliate program for which a launch date has not yet been determined.


What is the best way to clean the Over/Under Vest?

  • Do not put your vest in a machine washer or dryer.
    • This could deteriorate padding, waterproofing and UV resistance of the fabrics.
  • Never use bleach, harsh detergents, or fabric softeners. These can damage fabrics/coatings.
  • Sometimes blowing the vest off with an air compressor works well enough, and may be worth trying.
    • Especially for zippers, velcro or areas that are hard to reach.
  • For hand washing or spot cleaning:
    • Use only cool/warm water (not hot).
    • Gently rubbing the fabric against itself is a good option (this helps fabrics maintain waterproofing and UV coatings).
    • You can lightly rub with a soft rag, sponge, or soft brush, if needed.
    • You can use a mild detergent that is suitable for outdoor gear, if needed.
    • Rinse thoroughly after washing to remove ant detergent residue. Make sure the water runs clear and there is no soap left.
  • Hang dry in an area with good ventilation/air flow and shade.
    • Never dry in direct sunlight.
    • Never dry near heat.
    • Avoid wringing or twisting the fabric.
  • Frequent washing or improper washing can cause dye/colors to fade over time, as it can reduce the effectiveness of UV coatings and waterproofing treatments. This is especially true of bright colors (like blaze orange) which are more susceptible to UV damage. Therefore, it is recommended to clean only when truly necessary.

What is the Chief Warranty & Repair Policy? 

Please see our Warranty & Repairs page by clicking here.