Precision Ergonomics & Comfort

Give your neck, shoulders and back a break! The Over/Under Vest system comfortably carries the weight on top of your hips to virtually eliminate neck, shoulder and back fatigue. It also keeps all weight as close to your center of gravity as possible to eliminate unnecessary leverage against your body. The back and hips utilize vertically vented ribbed padding to offer comfort and breathability. The top of the lightweight shoulders features a thin mesh padding which stops on TOP of your shoulders, so it does not affect your stock mount. There is no padding in the front shoulder area on either side.

Durable, Waterproof & Briar-Proof

The exterior of the vest is built with the same 1000 Denier CORDURA® used in tactical military gear. Designed and built to last, durable CORDURA® fabric has proven performance in many of the world’s toughest environments. The excellent abrasion and tear resistance allows you to pursue game in the toughest and furthest areas of the uplands. The vest is waterproof so you can push through the rain, snow and wind. Even the inside of the bird bag is lined with abrasion resistant and waterproof rip-stop grid fabric. All zippers are also sturdy and waterproof. We also added plenty of extra stitching where it counts.

Ample & Configurable Storage

Create as much storage as you want by attaching anything you can think of to the lasercut MOLLE/PALS compatible panels. Anything you attach to this vest will properly distribute the weight to your hips. Durable stretch mesh pockets are featured on the front of both hips. The left chest features a lay-flat stretch mesh pocket, and the right chest features additional lasercut attachment points (in case you’re a left-handed shooter). The back of the vest has an extra thick Hypalon® lasercut tab with a webbing strap/buckle for securing extra gear (jacket, sweatshirt etc). Pull this tab up to reveal access to the vertical storage zipper that runs the full height of the back. This large vertical storage is gusseted so it expands as you fill it with gear. Inside the vertical storage are additional stretch mesh pockets for phone, wallet, first aid, knife etc. Also included is a secure hanging clip for your keys, which get secured by stretch mesh so they don’t jingle all day. This is also where you can access the bird bag for easy cleaning as well as the hydration bladder pouch. When you’re not using a hydration bladder you can also use the pouch as even more storage. The vest also features miscellaneous lanyard attachment points throughout.

Adjustable for Everyone

Adjustability is given in the waist, chest, and shoulder straps. The webbed internal waist belt features two routing locations – high or low depending on your height. Simply place the belt through your preferred waist loops. The chest straps can be moved up or down the chest, and they’re fully removable if you would rather use one chest strap instead of two, depending on your preferred fit and function. Since the chest straps are interchangeable, we also include two sizes so you can choose what suits your needs (one set for 45” chest and under, one set for 46” chest and above). The straps connecting the shoulders to the waist are not only adjustable for length, but we’ve implemented a game-changing system where these straps can be moved front-to-back along the hips. This allows for ultimate fit customization based on your hunting style and body type. All straps also including optional webbing keepers for stowing excess strap length.

Large & Expandable Bird Capacity

The game bag has an internal gusset along the bottom, so it lays flat when empty, expands as you add more birds, and contracts back to flat when the bag is emptied. The rear quarters of the game bag also utilize an innovative and durable stretch mesh system to allow even more expansion as you add birds or other game. Finally, an adjustable buckle on the front allows you to customize the tightness of the
game bag.

Designated Water Bladder Routing

The vest features a built-in vertical hydration bladder pouch complete with three bladder hanging clips to accommodate nearly any style of water bladder. The pouch holds up to a 2-Liter bladder. The bladder is kept close to your center of gravity for the best ergonomics. A hidden opening at the top of your back allows you to pass the bladder hose up through and down either shoulder. The rear and front shoulders feature high-end leather routing bands (much more durable than elastic) complete with an embossed Chief Upland logo. Finally, the chest utilizes a movable (and removable if not needed) water hose clip for quickly securing the mouthpiece.

Ultra Lightweight

We researched and utilized the most innovative materials we could in this vest system, amazingly weighing in at just 2.56 pounds (Size S/M)! All while using rugged 1000D CORDURA®, rip-stop grids and ribbed padding. You won’t believe the ergonomic structure maintained in this vest while keeping it so lightweight.

Innovative Front-Loading Game Bag

The game bag continues along your hips so you don’t have to twist your arms to load a bird. The stretch expansion in the back helps to open up for loading, and then automatically contracts when you let go, keeping the birds close to your body, again for proper weight distribution. The front of the game bag is also gusseted allowing for expansion and contraction as needed. This is then solidified with a buckle in the front that allows you to adjust tension as you fill the game bag. Along your hips, the outer panel of the game bag clips to the inner panel utilizing a single-handed quick clip, which keeps any weight tight to your hips, whether it’s birds or gear.