My wife Kristen and our two labs, Chief and Buzz, have been extremely patient and supportive throughout the process as I’ve been working relentlessly on nights and weekends to develop our brand and products. God bless my amazing family.

Chief Upland has teamed up with strategic developers, gear designers and technical apparel engineers in Colorado, Texas, Wisconsin, Vietnam and Scotland to design and develop the world’s most configurable upland hunting platform.

I wasn’t able to share much info during the build, but the idea had already been in development since 2018.

We went through 6+ rounds of prototyping for continuous improvement and we’re excited to show you what we’ve built.

I’ve been an entrepreneur since age 16 and an outdoorsman my whole life.

The Chief Upland project is a culmination of these two passions.

I was born without a left hand and my resilience, grit, and warrior mindset are reflected in all of my products.

As a small business in small-town Wisconsin, we’re pursuing the American dream right alongside you.

Through personal factory relationships, we’re able to produce and bring our market-disrupting gear to you at remarkably valuable and affordable prices.

Chief Upland is built to continue its innovation in game-changing upland gear.

Upland gear isn’t a secondary category to our brand, it’s our only category.

Our time is invested to help you keep up with your dogs in the field and hunt until their hearts are content...rain or shine, prairie or mountain.

Success in the field is a fulfillment of potential - don’t let your upland gear hold you or your dogs back.
I invite you to join The Chief Tribe where together we’ll take upland hunting to a new level...I can’t wait to meet all of you!

Built For Your Pursuit.

Jake Lindemann
Founder | Chief Upland

October 2015 - Chief’s first public land hunt.


Chief is the first dog we’ve ever owned and trained.

He’s a chocolate lab with an unbelievable hunting/home switch.

You only get one first dog in your lifetime, with an unbreakable bond that can never again be repeated.
Together, we learn everything the hard way through experience.

At home, Chief has an incredibly soft heart and at least a dozen nicknames reflecting his goofy personality.

In the field, Chief turns on game mode.

He’s smart, strong, fast and determined with a relentless drive for chasing birds.
Each day in the uplands is his favorite day.

This brand is for Chief, and dogs like him around the world who are eager to explore the uplands further than ever before.