What is the Chief Uplanders Group?

    • The Chief Uplanders is a community of devoted upland hunters and conservationists. In this Facebook group, we each add unique value to each other. We share advice and experiences to become better upland hunters, dog trainers and conservationists. We also find ways to utilize and even improve Chief Upland gear so we can push further and hunt longer. In this group, you will also find products and discounts exclusive to the Chief Uplanders (for other upland brands also), as well as lots of giveaways and free gear and apparel.

    How do I get into the Chief Uplanders Group?

    • There is only one way you can access the exclusive Chief Uplanders Facebook group: acquire one of our Over/Under Vests. If you own a Chief Upland vest, we know you’re a dedicated upland hunter like us. So we’re building a community that’s serious about the uplands and would love to have you included. After you’ve acquired a Chief Upland Vest, we will provide a link to join the group.

    • PLEASE NOTE: The Chief Uplanders group page is brand new and is still being set up. It will open very soon. Keep in touch and we’ll announce its launch very soon.